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Charles Hazlewood Presents Dance Programme

28th June 2011

Charles Hazlewood, conductor and engaging motivational speaker, presents a new BBC programme called Dance! The Most Incredible Thing About Contemporary Dance – a documentary about modern dance, in which he intends to shed light on an often overlooked art form.

Charles is one of the UK’s leading voices in the world of music and the preforming arts, and he feels that contemporary dance can be one of the most maddening of arts disciplines. For Charles, when it works it can hit you right in the gut with intense emotion — but when it doesn’t, it just feels like a load of self-indulgent twaddle. The music guru investigates the genre, immersing himself by participating in it, as well as interviewing some of the leading practitioners.

Charles first encountered contemporary dance in his early teens - an experience he describes as visceral. Since then he has pursued a career in music and, whilst he has conducted for movement, he has never had the opportunity to explore it in any depth - until now. In this illuminating programme, Charles immerses himself in the world of contemporary dance, to discover how movement works for him and to find his own way into a greater understanding of it. Guiding him are exponents from the contemporary dance world, including Jonzi D, Caroline Bowditch, Richard Alston, Mayuri Boonham, Lea Anderson and Janet Smith, who provide their own passions and insights into an often misunderstood genre.

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