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Chip & Pin fraud set to rise

10th May 2006

The Chip and Pin card payment system is increasingly vulnerable to attack from fraudsters, a leading expert has warned.

Fraud consultant Frank Abagnale is warning the system is being targeted by resourceful, technology-savvy and well- funded scam merchants. He says information transmitted by wireless chip-and Pin payment machines, popular in restaurants and pubs where customers pay at the table, are vulnerable to interception by a fraudster with a laptop and a snooping device.

Other scams to intercept personal and bank details are being aided by the availability of card skimmers being sold for less than £100 on the internet.

Abagnale - a former master forger who became an anti-fraud consultant-to the FBI for 31 years and on whomthe film Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was based - says the Shell incident forms part of a major new technology driven crime wave.

'Technology has made what I did very simple. Crime is getting easier, faster and harder to detect,' he adds.

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