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Chris Anderson Advises on Killer Presentations

30th May 2013

TED Curator and keynote speaker, Chris Anderson, has given his advice and knowledge on how to give a killer presentation.

As an experienced speaker himself, Chris knows what is necessary to give a great presentation and how to get the attention of one’s audience. He advises that a speaker frames their presentation and talks about their story as if it were a journey as this will get the audience listening and will allow the speaker to present using the journey as a guide.

Chris focuses on how important to get the length and substance of the presentation just right, for example if the presentation is too long, audiences lose interest and it can become repetitive. Whereas if it is too short, the audience may not have gained a full understanding of the presentation and the message may not be understood. The speaker must bear in mind that the audience are intelligent and presume that they will have some understanding of the topic in discussion; therefore it is not necessary to explain all points in great detail.

Another important aspect of giving a killer presentation is the delivery and Chris explains that there are three methods that can be used. The first is to use a teleprompter; therefore speakers will have reminders leading them to their next point, the second is to read it directly off a script and lastly speakers can chose to memorise their presentation word for word. Memorising can be a risk; if the speaker has a mental blank during their presentation they may not be able to rescue it from that point on. However this method can also work very well for speakers if they have time to rehearse and practice it to perfection.

Chris’s other main points for giving a killer presentation include developing stage presence and planning multi-media. Stage presence is important as it involves the way the presentation is delivered and the body language of the speaker, there must be a certain amount of confidence and self assurance in what they are saying in order to get the audience to believe it. Chris outlines the importance of body language stating that “The audience expects you to be nervous. It’s a natural body response that can actually improve your performance: It gives you energy to perform and keeps your mind sharp.”

Multi-media can be a vital part of a presentation and it is therefore important that speakers do this part well. Many speakers will not use or need slides, however if they are a part of a presentation they should be bright, interesting and topical.

To finish Chris focuses on the importance of making each speech individual and he ends saying “make the talk your own. You know what’s instinctive about you and your idea .Play to your strengths and give a talk that is truly authentic to you.”

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