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ClickZ’s 7 Social Media Tactics for 2013

20th December 2012

ClickZ, the marketing experts, have released the 7 social media tactics your budget will need to succeed in 2013.

As the end of 2012 draws to a close, it is clear to see that social media is here to stay. As the Internet develops, social media is playing an ever more important role, having played a part in many geo-political movements amongst others. It can no longer be set outside the budget, however, conversion rates are low compared to other strategies, so it must be integrated into other marketing plans to maximise its efficiency.

The Power of Social Connections

Put simply, you are much more likely to respond to a recommendation from a friend than you are to an offer or advertisement on a social media site. ClickZ recommend encouraging customers to share your information via social media for their friends to see, or to use social media advertising as a way of targeting your audience and then send customers to your page personally.

Think Beyond Facebook

Although Facebook is a prominent platform, research by The Partnering Group and comScore have found that it is not as effective as other platforms in terms of converting to sales. They have found that 70% of consumers reach a firm’s website via retail blogs and 68% browse and research products through YouTube. As well as this, consumers follow more brands on Twitter and pinterest than they do on Facebook. ClickZ recommend building your own media, such as blogs and videos and sharing this content on social media sites.


Images are one of the best ways to attract and draw in an audience, with 44% of consumers engaging with brands this way over videos, status updates, article links and cartoons or memes. ClickZ recommend creating an integrated strategy around photos using Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Get in Touch With Your Emotional Side

In an article from the Journal of Marketing Research, ‘What Makes Online Content Go Viral’, professors John Berger and Katherine Milkman have found that emotional, positive, surprising and useful information are more popular and more likely to be shared. ClickZ recommend creating such content to increase the likelihood for social sharing and engagement.

Be Device Indifferent

Research conducted by ROI and Performics have found that consumers use a variety of different platforms to access social media. ClickZ recommend at the minimum, having a mobile strategy so that consumers can access your site from social media platforms on tablets and smartphones.

Be Genuine to Build Trust

Customers are savvy nowadays, particularly to promotional speak and they can smell an ad a mile off and they do not trust them. They mostly trust recommendations from people they know and consumer opinions posted online. Therefore, ClickZ recommend developing useful content that shoppers want to know before they purchase, such as showing consumers how to use products, including customer reviews and being on call to answer any questions they have promptly.

Always Follow Up With an Email

According to Monetate, email still has the highest conversion rates compared to social media and search engines. ClickZ recommend building an email file to continue discussions with prospective clients and converting the sales. 

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