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Comedian Dave Gorman pedals to stand up!

17th August 2009

DAVE GORMAN is back on the road. Literally.  Five years after he last toured the UK he's embarking on a truly unique stand-up comedy tour.

A lot of acts will tell you they're covering the length and breadth of the country... but Dave's really doing it.  He's travelling between venues by push bike and covering the extremes of the British mainland.

As this is a tour that promises to reach parts of the country that other tours just don't reach, it goes without saying that the venues will sometimes be a little unconventional too. He'll play in 2000 seat theatres but also 30 seat village halls. He'll be performing in a barn, the odd hotel function room and - odder still - a railway dining car.

So the 38 year old comedian who's not especially fit is doing 1500 miles for 32 days in the saddle and 32 nights on the stage. 

Dave Gorman: Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop And Stand Up is observational (and not bike related) stand-up which starts on 30th August in Grampound Village Hall.


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