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Dambisa Moyo Talks about the World’s Resources and the West

16th May 2013

Economist and keynote speaker, Dambisa Moyo has expressed her views on the world’s resources and where she believes the West stand on the matter.

Dambisa, who is originally from Zambia, is an expert economist and has worked for some of the most successful international companies such as Goldman Sachs and Deloittes. She is a powerful and intelligent woman with various degrees, including a Masters from Harvard and a doctorate in Economics from Oxford.  She is also the author of three books, which focus on world aid, the decline of the West’s economy and the race for the world’s resources.

Her newest book is called ‘Winner Take All: The Race for the World’s Resources’ and focuses on the underlying battle for the world’s resources.  Dambisa takes a sympathetic approach to the Chinese, pointing out that China receives bad press in the West; she stated “China is attempting the death-defying feat, which no one else has attempted in the history of the world, which is to move a billion people out of poverty...no one has stood up and said ‘Gosh, what you guys have done, I’m impressed’”.

Dambisa believes that although there is still a long way to go for China, they are on the right path and the rest of the world would benefit from treating them as an ally. She points out that the West is struggling to keep up with China and there are more difficult times ahead with the world’s growing population and fewer resources.

Dambisa continues to speak positively about the West despite it's problems and said “I believe if people have the right information they will do the right thing. I think whether it’s aid to Africa, the global economy or commodities, these crises have had their origins in people not having enough information about the implications of their actions.”

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