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David Pearl Supports Women in Work

30th October 2013

Keynote speaker and business guru, David Pearl believes that women do not get the credit they deserve for their position in government and their abilities in the work place.

In his recent blog, David writes about the fact that it was the females on the hill that ended the US Government shutdown crisis, while their male equivalents were busy fighting and creating havoc. Republican Senator, Susan Collins was aware that something needed to be done and she wrote down a simple three point plan to ‘fix the problem’, her and 19 other female lawmakers got together over pizza and wine in order to put the plan into action.

David states that he has been researching differences between men and women in the workplace; he states that it has been ‘an eye-opener’. David and his colleague found that ‘women listen from seven centres of their brain; men from one. Women are also better at creating connection and find ways round problems.’

David thinks that men let their ego’s get in the way and ‘squabble about who the greater hero is’, meanwhile women get on with the work they have to do. He is of the belief that we need ‘facilitators more than leaders, orchestras more than Conductors. More women in power, in business and above all in government.’

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