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David Starkey Says Kate and Will are Perfect Match

21st April 2011

Esteemed historian David Starkey believes that Kate Middleton is part of a new ‘social elite’ and is therefore a perfect match for Prince William, notwithstanding her technical ‘commoner’ status.

In an interview with The Radio Times, Starkey argues that family contacts and a public school education are more important than aristocratic roots.

He says that despite Miss Middleton’s humble roots, the Royal Wedding will be a “remarkably equal union.”

“They are the leading representatives of a new elite combining family contacts and education. These days you buy your children an expensive education and maintain that lifestyle when you bring home your new posh friends. After all, the Middletons have a garden big enough for William to land his helicopter on.

Miss Middleton attended Marlborough College and moved in the same social circles as Prince William’s Eton friends, providing an easy connection when they met at St. Andrews University.

Starkey presents a Channel 4 documentary called Romance and the Royals in the run up to the big day.

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