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David Walliams Makes Dr. Who Cameo

19th September 2011

After his highly publicised charity swim of the Thames, Little Britain star and comedian David Walliams is set to make the media swarm around him once more - this time with a cameo appearance on Dr. Who.

He may be recovering from his 140 mile swim, but Walliams still found the energy to make a guest appearance as an alien mole called Gibbis, on the popular BBC1 show, broadcast this weekend.

When asked how long his prosthetic make-up took in the morning, Walliams replied 'Two hours. But I don't mind because it's nice to do something memorable isn't it?'
He added that he was 'quite glad to be an alien'.

He also spoke of being a long-term Dr. Who fan. 'I was born in 1971, and Tom Baker was sort of my obsession as a kid and that's why we got him to do the voice over for Little Britain because I was actually obsessed with Tom Baker.

'I met him at a book signing once, I got him to sign a book, his autobiography, and then I got to meet him properly when he did Little Britain for us.'

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