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Deborah Meaden’s Approach to Business

15th August 2013

Entrepreneur and business speaker, Deborah Meaden has had a successful career in business and is one of the Dragon’s on TV’s Dragon’s Den.

Deborah has shown an interest in business since the tender age of seven where she set up a flower stall on her neighbours drive. She skipped university in order to go into business straight away and launched her own glass import company at the age of 19. After 18 months, she decided it was time to walk away from her business, which was no longer a success. Deborah stated “I consider it a failure to slog on with a business that is going to die sooner rather than later...that’s a skill I have had from my very early days.”

Although her first business failed, she has since had an exemplary business career, investing in a series of small enterprises before she joined the family holiday park operator Weststar Holidays, seven years later Deborah “held a management buyout and acquired the majority shareholding in the business...by 2007, the firm had sold to alchemy partners for £83 million.”

This sale gave her the credibility she needed to be recognised as a serious business woman and she later gained a place on the panel of Dragon’s Den. Deborah has also written a book aimed at aspiring business people called ‘Common Sense Rule’. Speaking about her book, Deborah says “the entrepreneurial mind is founded on the least common of commodities-common sense. It tells you when you need to forge ahead and when you should cut your losses...true entrepreneurs never stop learning from their own successes and failures, and from one another.”

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