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Debra Searle is looking to take on the biggest challenge of her career.

7th November 2005

Leaving in the autumn of next year, Debra Searle (formerly Debra Veal) hopes to become the first and fastest woman to sail single-handed around the world ‘the wrong way’, that is against the prevailing winds and currents (east to west).  The announcement has been well received by the press leading to coverage in The Times, The Daily Mirror, Metro, The Guardian, The Sun and Saturday Telegraph.

This solo circumnavigation was first achieved by Sir Chay Blyth in 1971 and only three other men have successfully completed the route since then.  A number of women have attempted the challenge but none have been successful.  It is expected to take Debra in excess of 150 days and her voyage will start and finish in the UK. The project is being managed by Offshore Challenges Adventure Team, the company behind Ellen MacArthur’s successful west to east circumnavigation. Debra is sponsored by Pindar, the international print and electronic media company, who have a long-standing history in supporting female ocean adventurers.

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