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DP Fitzgerald Gave Up Love for Fame

13th August 2012

TV Presenter and awards host extraordinaire DP Fitzgerald gave up his girlfriend in Dublin to move to London when he landed the job of the first MTV Hits presenter in 2004.

Penniless and unemployed when he auditioned, DP was plucked from obscurity after beating thousands of wannabes to be named the first host of MTV Hits.

Then 25-year-old, the former model admitted that the financial rewards of his newfound fame were definitely a huge incentive to go for the job.

DP said: "I came back from a year travelling Australia and I was completely broke with no job prospects and no idea what to do with myself.

"I was doing a bit of DJing and a bit of modelling but I knew I wanted something else.

"I just took a chance and rang a guy I know in MTV and he told me to go along for an audition, I got that and the rest is history.

The University graduate has rarely been far from the limelight. He was offered a position in a boy band and was the director of the European Youth Parliament.

But he said his MTV gig was his biggest challenge to date.

He added: "I thought you would get loads of training for a gig like this, I basically thought I'd be told what to say and when to say it. But it is the exact opposite really. You're put in front of the camera and told to do your thing and it's up to you to chat away.

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