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Dr Noreena Hertz

6th June 2007

The entertaining and illuminating film The Million Pound Footballers follows economist Dr Noreena Hertz in her challenge to raise a million pounds for nurses.  

Noreena who helped Sir Bob Geldof and Bono with Live 8, has spent the last year working on Mayday for Nurses, a campaign encouraging millionaire footballers of the mega-rich English top flight to donate a day's wages to a nurses' hardship fund.

Having spent most of her energy helping causes in Africa over the last seven years, Noreena's campaign began in 2006 when she realised just how poorly paid nurses in the UK are.

Having seen Sir Bob and Bono work with rock stars, she thought the next group of highly paid superstars who could get involved were the hundreds of top flight footballers across the country.

Noreena started approaching clubs and initially couldn't get access to players, but gradually she was allowed in to speak to the first-team squads and managers.

Virtually every team had at least some players making donations, but with the prime-time screening of the documentary, Noreena's campaign will have achieved one of its goals by securing huge publicity and spreading awareness about the plight of nurses across the country, while also raising a huge amount for the fund.  But she hopes she doesn't have to repeat the exercise.

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