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Economics & environmental speaker, Jeffrey Sachs believes a new 'world environmental organisation' is needed to deal with climate change worldwide

7th January 2010

Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute and eminent speaker on economic and environmental issues, believes that a new world environmental organisation is needed to provide the technical knowledge to combat the effects of world climate change.  He predicts that societies will need to develop new approaches to public-private investment in environmental technologies and international development.

"Global financing for poorer countries must improve if international agreements on climate, land use and biodiversity are to succeed," Sachs writes. "The record of aid delivery to poor countries is dismal. Rich countries regularly promise support that never arrives. Two proposals have been made that could improve things: a small tax on cross-border financial transactions, and a global levy on carbon emissions."

Economist Jeffrey Sachs is speaking today alongside Nobel economics prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, the Portugese Prime Minister Jose Socrates, President Nicolas Sarkozy and the French Economy Minister Christine Lagarde at the 'New World, New Capitalism' conference in Paris today.

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