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El Capitan & The Free Climbers

BBC 16th January 2015


Congratulations go to American climbers & adventure seekers who scaled the aptly named peak, El Capitan, in Yosemite national Park. At 3000ft, or 914m (totalling two London Shards) it is considered to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest, climbs in the climbing community. This is down to the sheer slap of granite with nothing but the smallest of spaces to literally pull one’s self up by the finger tips.

It took  Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell 19 days the scale the summit. Unlike solo climbing, they adhered to free climbing rules which state:

Ropes, tri-cams, nuts, and other aid-climbing equipment, may be used to protect against injury during falls, but cannot be used in ascending the climb.

The climbers would camp on the rock to rest and sleep. Climbing of this nature on this rock took its toll on their fingers with lacerations and bruising. They also suffered a number of falls – which the aforementioned ropes saving their life – but this caused further bruising and pain.


Often overlooked and not possible without them; Jorgeson praised the team around them for helping them achieve their goal.  The BBC reported that he said the experience "recalibrates your perception of what you can do and what's possible. Now that we've done this, who knows what comes."

His fellow record-breaker Caldwell told the New York Times: "I would love for this to open people's minds to what an amazing sport this is."

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