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Election Fever at Speakers Corner

5th May 2015



miniports.pngThe UK Election 2015 is hotting up. TV debates are gaining pace, and the public is embroiled, not in the twists and complexities of policies and manifestos, but in the media and social media battle between the leading parties. As the ballot gears up to be one of the closest and most exciting in political history, the TV faces presenting the parties and their promises, with analytical skill and unbiased zeal, are becoming some of the most recognisable faces in the UK.

Some of the most prominent political speakers on the corporate circuit include Alistair Darling, Ken Clarke and Paddy Ashdown.

TV coverage of the current political frenzy is in the safe hands of Andrew Neill and Jeremy Paxman with the latter taking up the Election reins at Channel 4, alongside Jon Snow, Krishnan Guru Murthy, Cathy Newman, Paul Mason and Matt Frei, and Political Correspondents Faisal Islam and Joey Jones for Sky News.

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The Election: The Unmentioned & What Lies Beyond

Don't miss this brilliant blog piece written for Speakers Corner by Anthony Hilton, Financial Editor of the Evening Standard.


As well as the many UK based political commentators, Speakers Corner can offer an international prespective on politics, with heads of state, including Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, former Prime Minister of Portugal; Former President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera; Pippa Malmgren, Special Assistant to the President of the United States for Economic Policy; Javier Solana, former Secretary General of NATO, and David Daokui Li, one of China’s leading economists.

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