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General election campaign kicks off!

5th January 2015


With today, the 5th January, being – for most – the first day back in the office, it appears the UK’s political leaders were having a busy first day back by formerly kicking off their respective General Election campaigns.

Labour leader, Ed Milliband, promised 4 million chats asking party supporters to cut through the cynicism surrounding politics and take Labour’s message door-to-door across the UK. Milliband believes this is in direct opposition to the Conservative approach of billboard posters and big business funding.

David Cameron who has it all to prove this year used today to vow an earlier EU referendum if the Tories win. Cameron also attacked Labour and Liberal spending plans while defending his party’s own initiative to eliminate the deficit by 2018.

Simon Hughes of the Liberal Democrats said yesterday they would join up with “any other coalition partner” which suggests their aspirations at the next election with UKIP’s Nigel Farage saying he’d reluctantly join the Conservatives to push through that EU referendum.

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