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Google Expands Glass Explorer Programme

31st October 2013

Google has decided to expand its glass explorer programme to allow more people to use their new device, the Google Glass.

Google began its giving spree through their Project Glass website and their page on twitter, in order to get a Google Glass US citizens had to say how they would use the device if they had one and the device was given to a chosen few, celebrities also tweeted in hope of getting their hands on Google Glass.

Google will email its first bunch of ‘Explorers’ who started using the device earlier in 2013, they will have 14 days to invite three friends to buy Google Glass. They are using their Google Glass Explorers programme to get more people using the device so they can get more feedback and make changes to Google Glass where necessary in order to make it the best it can be.

The first people to buy the Google Glass have also been told that they will be able to swap their Glass for an updated model later in the year. The new Google Glass will come in different colours and will include a mono earbud.

According to the Telegraph’s head of technology, Matt Warman, the Glass’s “main disadvantage is that it looks slightly weird, rather than that it should scare people by its implications.”

The expansion of the Explorer programme is only taking place in the US to begin with and Google Glass will be released commercially next year.

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