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Hagai Segal Talks Business and Geopolitics

9th March 2011

Political decisions have never had more influence on global business and the economy than now, and one man who understands political risk and its profound implications for business is Hagai Segal, a prominent figure on the speaker circuit and in the media.

The political situation in the Middle East is changing daily, revolutions are underway, dictators are being toppled by the people, and the world’s eyes are firmly glued to 24 hour News channels.

Segal is a voice of calm analysis in a minefield of chaos. He can harness specific topics, such as Understanding Political Risk and its profound implications for investors in light of recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, etc; WikiLeaks; Cyber-Terror And Its Implications For Business, Investors And The Global Economy and Al Qaeda and Global Terrorism– A Strategic Assessment of Recent Attacks and Threats and their implications for investors and the global economy.

Segal believes that as the ‘revolution’ spreads, Asia may not be immune. In each state affected, the symptoms are the same – rising food prices, growing unemployment (especially youth unemployment) and corruption, exacerbating decades-old frustrations at a lack of political rights. And the killing of so many protesters by the authorities in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and now Libya isn’t deterring the activists, but, rather, is helping bring people onto the streets in growing numbers.

The cure for the disease behind these symptoms varies from state to state, with the prognosis varying widely. Some of the revolutions will succeed, others will fail. And while some will bring democracy, others will not.

In some states, if change does occur it may bring to power elements as undesirable as the present incumbents.

Whatever now transpires – Segal warns to expect further violence, and some regime changes in coming months – the Middle East and North Africa have been changed forever.

In his presentations, Hagai examines and explains these key political and strategic issues and their implications for the businesses today and how an understanding of these matters can give you an advantage in these uncertain times.

This not only allows corporations to help mitigate the effects of these risks and political events, but also can help them profit from the business and investment opportunities that always arise during such dramatic times.

“Dramatic political and strategic risk events are an unavoidable reality of the modern businesss world. Companies and corportaions can either assume that they are beyond their understanding and control, and by doing so always be surprised and hurt by them when they occur, or they can take simple and inexpensive steps to help understand these events thus making them more predictable, less random, and – most importantly – be able to mitigate the harm they cause to their enterprise, its assets and its profits”.  Hagai Segal

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