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Heaven & Hell; Friday 13th & Valentine's Day

13th February 2015


Despite their closeness, February 13th and the 14th couldn’t be more different; the former: a shadowy portent from a pernicious force guiding us to failure; the latter representing an assault of passionate arrows from a squadron of weaponised cherubs flying madly around the heavens.

Seventeen years ago comedian, Bennett Arron, could be forgiven for believing his Friday the 13ths had come all at once delivering such a monumental and sustained amount of bad luck, it is testament to him that he came back from it and – being true to form – found humour in it.

Bennett was one of the first people to be victim of identity theft. With no precedence to draw on for everyone involved, what followed was a nightmare of proving to police and financial institutions that, in his own words, “I was me and not the person pretending to be me!” Unfortunately it did not stop here, as a result of this he, along with his pregnant wife, became penniless, homeless and had to move in with his parents.

It took two years to largely sort out but it is something that still affects him today to a much lesser degree. However, in need of catharsis he wrote a show about his experiences; was then asked to make a documentary on the subject and has now just published a book too: Heard The One About The Identity Theft?

Bennett speaks about his experiences to corporate audiences while maintaining his day job as a comedian and writer.


In order to offer some balance to the universe: speaker, entrepreneur and luxury designer, Alexander Amosu, has produced a limited edition pink iPhone 6 for this year’s Valentine’s Day.               

Claiming to be the first pink iPhone it costs £1,899 ($2,887) and is being reported that only a very small number have been made.

As ever, the announcement drew comment (and a decent amount of positive PR) from around the globe with websites and publications in North America, Australia and South East Asia picking up on the story.

Amosu is known for bringing extravagance to mobile phones having last year released the most expensive iPhone ever with a reported RRP of £1.7m. He also has a line of jewellery ensuring that if you have the funds he has Valentine’s Day luxury gifts well and truly covered.

Pictures courtesy of Bennett Aaron and Alexander Amosu's Instagram

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