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Hemingway Comes To Southbank

28th July 2011

British creativity is celebrated at London’s Southbank, as the Royal Festival Hall is treated to a ‘vintage makeover’ curated by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway. The celebration will mark the landmark’s 60th birthday with an enormous Vintage Marketplace, hair and make-up parlours, tea parties, creative workshops, and themed bars and restaurants.

Vintage at Southbank’ is a sensual delight, and a joyful creative feast in one glamorous weekend, celebrating the music, fashion, film, art , design, and dance from the 1920s to the 1980s.

The Festival Hall itself will be set dressed into a multi-venue playground where guests can dance, have makeovers, enjoy live performances, exclusive DJ sets, catwalk shows, and enjoy food and cocktails from golden eras gone by.

Each evening the RFH Auditorium will host a one-off, themed ‘Vintage Revue’ – a concert featuring some of the world’s greatest performers coming together to create a one off genre specific revue to celebrate Britain's love affair with music, fashion and popular culture.

The British Film Institute will be joining the party with a 3 day extravaganza of 20th century classic and iconic movies, Public Information films and documentaries that bridge the gap between the music, fashion and art on display.

Wayne Hemingway says: “I can't image the equivalent of Vintage in 20 years time playing a Gaga track. You might have a Gaga picture on the wall but... Interesting stuff is happening in black music. When I look at younger age groups, there are still plenty of people that dress absolutely amazingly. The only thing that they're not doing is making it tribal. That's because places like Top Man have got a whole team of designers straight from college and that means that fashion isn't as visual as it once was; you don't see a whole gang of skinheads walking down the street which was quite exciting.”

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