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Heston Blumenthal Prepares for Christmas!

14th December 2010

Egg and bacon ice-cream and snail porridge are just some of the creations among Heston’s infamous repertoire.  In preparation for the opening of his new restaurant in 2011 he has been busy perfecting signature dishes including ice-cream meat pie and mushroom ketchup.  The new restaurant called ‘Dinner With Heston Blumenthal’ is due to open at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in January with views of Hyde Park and beyond.  With three Michelin stars on his CV Heston is looking to push the boat out with the “smart brasserie inspired by historical recipes.”

Heston’s Christmas pudding has been a sell-out success so far with bids on ebay reaching as high as £77 for the £13.99 creation from Waitrose.  The pudding is remarkably easy to heat in the microwave and comes complete with a whole candied orange inside.  Future treats are also in store with the continuation of Heston’s Channel 4 ‘Feast’ programmes in the New Year.  January will see a ‘Fish Feast Special’ including a Mr Kipling Afternoon Tea made entirely of fish!  As Heston himself says, “I don’t consider myself a scientist, I failed my O Level chemistry. I’m just a big kid who asks loads of questions and gets really excited."

Sweets are also another of Heston’s favourites and he is looking to update these age-old treats with an animated sweetshop website no less.  “We’re working on an animated sweet shop website. It’s unbelievable – its Pixar/Disney standard. The sweet shop bags will be the new petit fours at The Fat Duck. John Hurt’s the shopkeeper; he takes you round the shop and when you come into the restaurant you get the bag of sweets you’ve heard him talk about. You only get access to the website when you’ve got a reservation but we get 30,000 phone calls a day and we’ve only got 12 tables!"

So if you are lucky enough to taste some of Heston’s delights at one of his restaurants enjoy, enjoy!  If not, sit back and enjoy the virtual fun in the magic sweetshop when it opens…watch this space!

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