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Horlick Backs Quotas To Get Women in the Boardroom

25th February 2011

Nicola Horlick has called for positive discrimination to get women into the boardroom, according to the Evening Standard.

The fund manager and ‘superwoman’ feels companies should be legally compelled towards inclusion. Horlick made these comments the day before a government report is expected to rule out quotas on the number of women directors.

Horlick earned her superwoman status by balancing a career and raising six children.

“Generally I do not favour positive discrimination as I believe very strongly that people should be chosen on merit for any job,” she told the Standard.

“However our public companies show no desire to be more inclusive of women so I see no choice other than to push them in that direction.

“Having had four daughters it really saddens me that there are still underlying prejudices against women. I am not a feminist and, as I say, I believe in meritocracy, but sometimes you have to create rules initially in order to give certain sections of society a chance.”

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