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Ian Livingstone Appointed Businesses’ Creative Industries Champion

26th August 2014

Ian Livingstone has been appointed Businesses’ Creative Industries Champion in Vince Cable’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

In a move that highlights the fact that the government is taking the creative sector seriously, Ian has been brought on to embrace the momentum he’s created around his belief that children should be taught computing as part of the national curriculum. “I want to change our kids from consumers of technology to creators of technology,” he said.

His ideas to promote learning through video games have been embraced by some education authorities, and have shocked those who believe in the “Victorian” rote learning methods, but in a world where the most successful entertainment release in the world last year, taking in £1bn in less than a week, across any medium, was Grand Theft Auto V, his views that kids must be prepared with skills for jobs that don’t even exist yet, is holding sway.

As well as technology, Ian’s role will cover creative areas like design, architecture, advertising and broadcasting, and he has been employed to help ensure that business and skills policies are ideally suited to the creative industries, which now generate £71 billion in revenue each year and support 1.71 million jobs in the UK.

“The UK is arguably the most creative nation in the world. The sector punches above its weight and I am looking forward to helping ensure that its economic and cultural contribution to the UK is both recognised and supported,” said Ian.

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