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Japanese Scientists Create 'Avatar' Robot

15th February 2012

Hollywood blockbuster Avatar is becoming a reality with the Japanese creation of a robot that mimics the movements of its human controller, according to reports in the Telegraph.

Scientists have developed a robot that allows humans to direct its actions while also enabling them to hear, see and feel the same things as their android counterpart.

The robot, called TELESAR V is bringing the star of Hollywood blockbuster Avatar, one step closer to reality. In the movie, US soldiers were able to remotely control the genetically engineered bodies of an extra-terrestrial race they wished to subdue.

The TELexistence Surrogate Anthropomorphic Robot is operated by a human controller wearing special equipment including headgear, gloves and a vest in order to direct the actions of the android machine.

Researcher Sho Kamuro described the sensation of using the robot: “When I put on the devices and move my body, I see my hands having turned into robot hands.

“When I move my head, I get a different viewpoint from the one I had before. It’s a strange experience that makes you wonder if you’ve really become a robot.”

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