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Joe Simpson - Touching the Void

25th November 2006

Even when the denouement is known in advance, adventure films such as this docu-drama can be riveting. It charts the misadventures of two reckless mountaineers on an expedition in the Andes. Struck by ferocious conditions and forced to abandon their ascent of Mt Siula Grande, the duo make a perilous retreat.

Joe Simpson sustains a broken leg and other injuries but continues the descent until he slides over a ledge and hangs by a thread in the void. Unable to haul him to safety and facing certain death if he doesn't cut the rope, his companion, Simon Yates, makes the hardest decision of his life. Simpson plunges into an ice cavern and, exhibiting unimaginable tenacity, inches his way towards salvation. Gripping adventure with tight moral ingredients and nail-biting excitement.

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