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Justin Basini’s ALLOW is a ‘Product of our Time’

8th October 2012

Justin Basini introduces his ground-breaking product ALLOW – hailed as a ‘product of our time’ by the Daily mail.

ALLOW enables users to hide their email address, stop online tracking, monitor their Facebook account and stop junk marketing. There is even an ALLOW sticker to plaster on letter boxes to tell junk mailers to steer clear! Basini’s company also includes the world's first social media insurance which helps if accounts are compromised, taken over or maliciously abused.

Online abuse and identify theft have become so common that social media users are buying specialist insurance to help protect their reputation in case of an attack.

Justin Basini, CEO of the company providing the service, ALLOW, said that insurance ‘perhaps wouldn’t have been needed a few years ago.’

He added: ‘That’s all changed now. Every internet user faces a certain level of risk that one day a digital criminal will target them or that they will suffer damage to their reputation.

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