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Kate’s Dress is for the Women, Says Huw Edwards

20th April 2011

When it comes to the Royal Wedding, newsreader and esteemed after dinner speaker Huw Edwards will become the country’s authority on every detail - except one. The BBC’s official wedding host has passed over the job of commentating on Kate Middleton’s bridal gown to the women, his co-presenters Fiona Bruce and Sophie Raworth.

When to the princess-to-be enters, Huw will give up centre stage to make room for his female colleagues.

“If you don’t have anything relevant to say that will enhance the viewers’ appreciation of the scene, then don’t say anything,” Huw told The Telegraph.

“There’s no way I’m going to make myself an instant expert on wedding dresses.”

Huw is also leaving the job of identifying female wedding guests to the ladies. “Women tend to wear big hats so you can’t see their faces,” he said. “I should be able to do the top hundred, for the rest it’s down to other members of the team.”

With Huw in the BBC studio on the day, Sophie Raworth will be based in another studio outside Westminster Abbey, and Fiona Bruce will be outside the Goring Hotel in Victoria, where Kate and the other Middletons will stay before the wedding.

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