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Kirsty Lang Encourages Female Speakers

21st June 2013

Journalist and facilitator, Kirsty Lang believes that we need to have more women speaking on public platforms after she attended a recent TED Global conference.

Kirsty is of the opinion that there is a need for more influential women to speak on public platforms, in order to give the younger female generation intelligent role models they can aspire to. She argues that women are scrutinised when they are in the public eye and this therefore deters them from speaking in public or appearing on TV and radio.

At TED Global, Kirsty watched Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, take to the stage and was asked by the person sitting next to her how she felt about Sheryl’s outfit. Kirsty noted that very rarely do people comment on men’s clothing attire when they are performing on a public platform.

Kirsty wrote that almost half of the speakers at the TED conference were in fact women yet “Last year the Guardian surveyed the programme over four weeks and found that fewer than one in five of the contributors and reporters were women.” She also pointed out that there is a severe lack of women in parliament and few of the Radio 4 contributors are female.

Kirsty is of the belief that many successful female professionals are too modest to take credit for their work in public and also lacking in confidence due to the ways in which they are scrutinized by the public. To finish, Kirsty states that “it will take care and attention to coax these women out of the shadows.”

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