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Lessons that can be Learned from Hiring Speakers

23rd December 2013

According to Bill Bachrach, a speaker, author and coach, when people hire speakers for events it tends to be for three main reasons and these are; to achieve an objective, to help train our advisers and to inspire people in the workforce.

From his experience listening to speakers at events, Bill has come up with a list of things that he thinks will help speakers to impress their clients.

  1. The event is about the client- do not come to an event hoping to sell a product or service, it is important to remember that speakers are not hired to get spin-off business.
  2. Focus on the brief-Keep in mind why the client wants you to speak at this event and the specific topic they want to focus on, let them know why you are there and what you can do to help.
  3. Prepare-ensure that you understand the company and work out how you can help them to improve their business.
  4. Introduction is vital-Make sure that your introduction outlines what you are going to talk about and is specific and well written.
  5. Be Prompt-be on time for the event, it is better to show up an hour or half an hour early, giving yourself time to prepare and do a tech check.
  6. Video Promos-A video promo showing your enthusiasm for speaking at the event tends to go down well with clients and is an added bonus from you.
  7. Involve yourself-Try to involve yourself in as much of the event as possible, go along to other speeches and mingle with the clients and CEO. Also offer to attend dinner the night before or lunch after the session.
  8. Thank the client-Remember to thank the client after the event for asking you to be part of it and for planning it in the first place.

These are all great tips that speakers should take into account when trying to impress clients and gain a reputation as an accomplished and professional speaker.

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