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Liz Bonnin Explores Technology of the Japanese Earthquake

15th March 2011

Liz Bonnin, Jem Stansfield, Dallas Campbell and Dr Yan Wong present Bang Goes the Theory, the BBCs guide to popular science, which this week looks at the science behind the devastating Japanese earthquake and the tsunami it triggered.

The programme explains what happened and examines the technology that attempts to protect us from the shocking power of our planet.

Biochemist and wild animal biologist, Liz Bonnin also follows two couples undertaking IVF and explores new research that may dramatically increase success rates.

As the series continues, the presenters continue to delve into issues that affect our planet, as well as conducting incredible scientific experiments.

Jem Stansfield sets out to become the first person to go 360 degrees on a playground swing, and Dr Yan Wong confuses shoppers with the help of a special mirror.

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