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London Design Festival 2010 looks to the future

16th September 2010

The London Design Festival kicks off this Saturday for nine days of design celebration.  More than 240 events are planned over the next week throughout the capital with over 50 taking place at the V&A in South Kensington - the official hub of the festival.  There will be exhibitions, talks, launches and workshops galore, a feast of delights for those who want to see the latest in cutting-edge creativity from both British and international designers.

The eight giant ‘Outrace Robots’ in Trafalgar Square will be quite a sight to behold and represent the new forms of technology involved in design and particularly the evolution in materials to be used in homes and fashion.  Speakers such as Rachel Armstrong have considerable interest in this area – in particular the beneficial effects on the environment of re-designing new ‘living’ materials which support sustainability.  The festival will be exhibiting the future of design and show where leading technologies are likely to take us in terms of re-shaping the world we live in – a subject close to the heart of Alain de Botton whose philosophical work on 'The Architecture of Happiness’ considers our relationship with architecture and design and how it can affect us on a daily basis.  The Royal College of Architects and the Royal Academy of Engineering will also be considering how we can work with sustainability in the future in a collaborative sense to find radical new solutions to environmental concerns.

Mayor Boris Johnson will be enjoying what he calls “the most exciting designs anywhere in the world” and he will be joined by over 300,000 visitors from over 50 countries who are keen to explore the sights stretching from West to East London.  

Design is very much linked to collaboration – from designs which can help to reduce crime in the city to any form of design which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practically functional and geared towards reducing environmental destruction.  Fashion designer Wayne Hemingway has been keen to promote this philosophy and curated a three-day ‘Vintage’ festival in Goodwood recently celebrating design, art, culture, music and fashion.   The founder of Red or Dead has put his talents to very effective use in all areas of business and design.  His talents do not quite extend to weddings and barmitzvas (as yet) but he talks on every subject drawing on his extensive experience from housing and product design to entrepreneurial business and marketing. 

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