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Lord Nicholas Stern Calls Sceptics Irrational

26th September 2013

Keynote speaker and leading climate change economist, Lord Nicholas Stern believes that governments should ignore climate change sceptics.

Nicholas recently spoke to the Guardian about his strong views toward climate change sceptics; he stated “It is astonishing, irrational and unscientific to suggest the risks are small. How can they say they know the risks are small? The clear conclusion from 200 years of climate science and observations show a strong association between carbon dioxide rises and global surface temperature.”

Nicholas believes that some of these skeptics are deliberately trying to marginalize the effects of climate change in order to benefit their own companies; he said that they were being “deliberately naïve”.  Nicholas is certain that climate change will occur and that we will begin to see the changes in the future, the world’s leading climate changes are in Stockholm to discuss and assess all of the information we have on climate change.

However sceptics “argue that the effects of greenhouse gases will be small and felt long into the future. An estimate that 97% of the effects of carbon dioxide so far have been absorbed by the oceans has led some sceptics to claim that further warming could be similarly absorbed.”

Nicholas wants to prevent governments from delaying changes that will positively affect climate change, stating that "If delay did not matter, then we might have time to wait (before tackling emissions) but delay is dangerous, because of the effect on higher emissions."

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