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Mary Portas puts shoppers first in her new series, Secret Shopper

19th January 2011

Retail guru Mary Portas changes sides in her latest series, Secret Shopper. Rather than helping retailer maximise profits, Mary wants stores to put shoppers first. Firm in her belief that customer service has reached an all time low, Mary sets out to tackle the shoddy customer service offered by the big retailers.

It’s a sentiment most of us can identify with, having spent hours queuing to pay and the couldn’t-give-a-damn attitude of shop assistants whilst handing over hard earned money for Christmas presents. The UK is lagging well behind the US in this area of the industry and Mary comically takes to Oxford Street with a megaphone to hammer home a new mantra for shop staff: ‘Smile, speak, serve!’

In the first episode of this series, Mary focuses on the “fast fashion” sector and needs a chain that’s willing to let her show it how to give shoppers the service they deserve.

Up steps Chris George, boss of swiftly-expanding chain Pilot. Mary wants to get stuck in and transform its worst performing store in Essex into a shoppers’ haven and then persuade George to use her ideas across his empire.

With disenchanted shop girls and an MD who hires shop managers without meeting them, she’s got her work cut out.

Catch Secret Shopper tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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