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Monty Halls & the great South African Sardine Run

29th July 2015


Monty-Halls-S.jpgAdventurer and speaker, Monty Halls, is back overseas currently leading the Land Rover Spirit of Adventure expedition in South Africa, which follows the great Sardine Run - an iconic event in the global marine calender.

Occuring annually (May to July) involving 'billions' of sardines spawning in the cool waters of the Agulhas Bank which then move northward along the east coast of South Africa, the resulting migration creates a frenzy of feeding activity, attracting whales, dolphins and sharks in their thousands.

Monty, who is writing daily updates for the Telegraph Online, says that "Oddly enough for an event that occurs so regularly, and is so readily accessible from shore, science still knows very little about The Run".

The plan is to take a fleet of Land Rovers 1,000km along the coast, towing two boats and carrying filming and scientific gear. They will be calling in on various land based conservation projects en route as well as tracking the sardine run itself.

The expedition is also being filmed by Discovery for a one-off documentary. 

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