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Neil Laughton Completes Scott Memorial South Pole Expedition

26th October 2012

100 years after Captain Scott arrived at the South Pole, Neil Laughton, adventurer and entrepreneur, joined the elite group who has reached the pole over land.

The Scott Memorial South Pole Challenge team comprised of seasoned adventurers and business people including a busy working mother of two!

Led by Neil, the team flew from the UK to Punta Arenas in Chile to refuel before their next leg into Union Glacier where they could acclimatise and check their gear. From there they headed for the interior Polar Plateau of Antarctica and the South Geographical Pole, pulling their own sleds for 100 miles before reaching the pole.

Neil felt that a quintessentially British game of cricket 100 was the best way to commemorate Scott’s arrival 100 years earlier!

Neil’s adventures include piloting the world’s first flying car to Timbuktu, jet-skiing around the UK with Bear Grylls and playing golf (with an orange ball) at the North Pole.

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