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New show Daybreak with Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley has kicked off

6th September 2010

GMTV’s run of 17 years has come to an end and its replacement show ‘Daybreak’ kicked off this morning at 6am on ITV1.  The show has a brand new studio on the Southbank with views overlooking the London skyline and new presenters Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley were settling in following their move from The One Show. “It’s a beautiful scene” Bleakley commented as Chiles replied “We spent a lot of money bringing you this view...[it’s] simply magnificent.” 

The show will feature interviews, sport, weather, news, lifestyle features and investigations with a whole new team including Dan Lobb on sport, entertainment reporter Steve Hargrave, weather girl Luca Verasamy, and newsreader Tasmin Lucia Khan.  Kate Garraway will stay on as entertainment editor and made an appearance with Christine halfway through the show. 

There was also an interview with former Prime Minister Tony Blair – the first live interview since the release of his memoirs ‘A Journey’.  Blair commented that he did regret including certain anecdotes in his book but commented, “I think those are better for me to know and you to guess.”  When asked by Christine if he would go for a drink now with Gordon Brown given the state of their final arguments, Blair replied “Yes we were immensely close all throughout the 1980s…It was an incredibly close relationship, and it’s a pity.” 

The former PM is scheduled to appear at Waterstones on Wednesday for a book signing but he hinted that this may not go ahead given the security required following the anti-war protests in Dublin where eggs and bottles were thrown, “I’m concerned that I don’t want to put people through a lot of hassle at this Wednesday’s signing”. 

It is very early days but comments have started to roll in about Daybreak and will no doubt continue over the coming week, with Prince Charles scheduled to be interviewed on Friday to discuss his green living initiative ‘Start’.  The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage commented in his blog, “Although it does seem like a continuation of GMTV rather than a bold reinvention, some of the new aspects of Daybreak have worked. Adrian and Christine have done reasonably well, the other new faces all seem like good additions.” 

Since Adrian and Christine’s departure from The One Show – when they had audiences of around 7 million – audience figures have fallen.  When the new show started a few weeks ago the figures were around 4.8 million but this has now gone down to 3.6 million at points.  The BBC have commented that they are not concerned as the figures are still higher than this time last year, so perhaps it is more a matter of time and building a relationship with the viewers.  Time as ever will tell, and we will keep you updated…

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