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Noel Edmonds is busy with Deal or No Deal and his Qpod!

29th January 2006

Noel Edmonds hosts the British version of the worldwide smash game show where any one of 22 players could win up to £250,000. Does their sealed box contain hundreds of thousands of pounds? Or just pocket change? Guts and instinct are the key to success as Noel gives real people a real chance to win real money.

Afternoon-telly junkies looking to soothe their shredded nerves after being glued to Noel Edmonds's Deal or No Deal, won't be surprised to learn Mr Edmonds has brought the same qualities of mindless fun and unremitting gormlessness to his next project. This time, though, it's not something to watch but something to drive. And it's called the Qpod. It actually makes more sense than you might think. Before Noel Edmonds took command of the airwaves, the mirthmaker was an early version of Jeremy Clarkson - more than 25 years ago, Noel was the petrol-headed presenter of Top Gear

Qpod is, in fact, a miniature all-terrain off-roader - a sort of luxury quad bike with better brakes and a roof.

Noel has never lost his love of cars, so when he saw a Qpod on the back of a trailer near his home in Devon his curiosity was piqued and he simply had to have one. In fact, as they say, he liked it so much he bought the company. After a bit of research he found the vehicles were actually made in France and Noel, seeing their potential, created the Unique Motor Company.

Other than roaring around muddy lanes and being a big-boy's toy for those struggling to accept middle-age, the Qpod could in theory also be the ultimate city runaround. Cool, economical (it does more than 60mpg) and easy to park (you'll fit snugly into a space tighter than a pair of Peter Andre's briefs), but it has had a major setback in London - it's not congestion-charge exempt. The other drawback is its price: £5,000. Watching Deal or No Deal offers a much cheaper thrill.


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