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Pen Hadow and Michael McGrath

22nd January 2007

On the most punishing journey of his life, his legs barely able to carry him, one man painstakingly shuffled the last 150 metres to the North Pole. The other, equally at the limits of his endurance, trekked alone 770 kilometres to the same point.

Michael McGrath has lost 65% of his muscle bulk. He has the debilitating muscle wasting disease, muscular dystrophy. He is the only person, normally wheelchair-bound, to have made it on foot to both Poles.

Pen Hadow, a professional polar explorer who lost 20% of his body weight on his journey North, is the only Briton to have trekked without resupply all the way to both Poles.

The distances may be different, the physical capacities may be different, but the achievement is the same for both men – both have pushed themselves beyond their known mental and physical limits and against all the odds, to break the boundaries of what is known to be humanly possible.

McGrath and Hadow are already independently established and much sought-after motivational speakers.

But for 2007, the European Year of Equal Opportunities For All, they have brought their experiences together, offering a unique expression that celebrates difference, an unequivocal demonstration of achievement against the odds, of experiences that reveal how both McGrath and Hadow fulfilled their performance potential.  No matter what your background or ability, their presentation: Challenging The Barriers To Success delivers an insightful, entertaining and gripping double-act. It shows how each man, with his own individual style and mindset, strategies and techniques, finally realised his dream - their combined experiences told through an interwoven narrative with stunning images and video clips, anecdotes and banter.

For a sneak preview, catch McGrath and Hadow together in early February [exact date to be advised] on BBC 2’s popular Ready Steady Cook show.

Michael McGrath

Epitomising determination and focus, McGrath articulates with power, and challenges his own adversity with humour and humility, applying real experiences with relevant learnings for people working in today's competitive business environment.  In valuing difference and by inspiring change, McGrath reveals how individuals and organisations can expand their performance potential. Clients including Barclays, Roche Pharmaceutical, DHL, Hilton Hotels, Credit Suisse, Motorola and many places of learning have benefited. 

Pen Hadow

'The Thinking Man's Explorer', Pen's defining quality is his natural ability to make people believe they can achieve anything.  He integrates his polar business experience, leadership skills and record-breaking endeavours to give unique perspective and fresh insights into improving performance.  Coutts, Nike, Morgan Stanley, Royal Mail, Hewlett Packard, the MOD, UK Sport, and England Rugby's Elite Coaching Programme are just some of the organisations who have used Pen to inspire, motivate and entertain their employees. 

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