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Pete Goss MBE Takes the Plunge and Chases his Dream

2nd November 2010

The only way to fully appreciate Pete Goss is to meet him.  You can hear and read about his unusual and inspiring journey through life and you might imagine a super human being, but the most amazing thing about Pete is how ordinary and truly humble he is – an ordinary human being doing extraordinary things and taking extraordinary leaps and bounds when faced with very difficult and challenging circumstances.  Sadly Ray Kurzweil’s technology of appearing via hologram – yes Ray does actually do this – is not currently available on this web-page so I will do my best to convey the power of Pete by mere words alone.

In terms of highlights I would draw your attention to a dream that Pete had for ten long years - one of the dreams that many of us may share.  There often comes a point in life when we begin to accept that certain dreams will not come to fruition – especially if they involve marrying Brad Pitt or Sharon Stone – but Pete held onto that small window of opportunity and after those ten years decided it was now or never.  His dream was to sail in the world’s greatest and toughest yacht race, the ‘Vendee Globe non-stop, single-handed Round the World Race’ and he knew that it would take a frightening level of skill and funding.  He decided to sell his house – as a result of which he was burdened with heavy debts – and steadily took the steps one day at a time to embarking on the race.  He was also completely unaware of what was to come – that the most memorable experience would not be the race itself but a shocking accident that unfolded in the middle of the ocean when he was alone and stretched far beyond his comfort zone.  Amid winds of 80mph Pete received the distress call that another sailor was in severe danger and facing imminent death.  Pete turned his boat round, lost his place in the race completely, and sailed for two days through the battling ocean to rescue the sailor, Raphael Dinelli.  Pete was awarded France’s highest award, the Legion D’Honneur, by President Chirac and received an MBE from Her Majesty the Queen

This is just one part of a journey which involved Pete having to operate on himself without anaesthetic and just a few basic instructions to repair ruptured muscles around his elbow.  Pete discusses his own dreams and also the level of teamwork that helped him to succeed in what he set out to do.  Now approaching the age of 49 he has just embarked on another race - the Route du Rhum – with the aim of supporting the campaign against plastic pollution in the ocean and looking at using all-recyclable non-plastic packaging.  He still has thoughts of completing another Vendee at some point but it may take some time, “I need to give it some thought, because the Vendee is two races, the first to the start line, the second to the finish.” 

We wish Pete all the best for his journey from Guadeloupe and hope that he has a very safe journey home.

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