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Pranav Mistry Goes Sci-Fi

29th October 2012

Pranav Mistry – research assistant; PhD candidate at MIT Media Lab and founder of SixthSense, says that Science fiction is not only reserved for the big screen.

Pranav is known for the legendary SixthSense technology which he showcased at TED, and his latest project is called SPARSH – a concept which allows data transfer from one device to another by a simple touch.

Every device connected to a network, essentially has an IP address. It is that IP address that uniquely identifies any object and can be controlled with the simple flick of a switch on an electronic device. For example, if a lamp in the house can be identified using an IP address, then it can be easily switch off and on by invoking a relevant application on a mobile phone. Mistry defines this technology as TeleTouch.

Mistry has also developed a pair of HD glasses that can project any object on the wall, and can be used to translate any piece of text into any language.

Mistry’s aim is to move ahead of the technological limitations and apply a humane touch to objects. His main inspirations are Hindu mythological characters.

"Every culture has its own problems and solutions,” says Mistry. “I believe that every problem may not necessarily have a technology solution. For example, is a tablet really necessary when the people may not even know how to use it?"

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