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Prince of Wales patron for Pen Hadow's next endeavour

24th June 2008

HRH The Prince of Wales has granted a rare patronage to "the incomparable and enormously experienced" polar explorer and environmentalist, Pen Hadow. Hadow's work "is crucial to ensure we have the information to know the scale of the damage we are doing to our planet," he says.

After becoming the first person to trek alone, without resupplies, from Canada to the North Geographic Pole in 2003 - a feat compared with climbing Everest solo and without oxygen, and one which has never since been repeated - Pen has concentrated on using his unique skill sets for the greater good, in finding out as much as possible about the current condition of the Arctic ice cap, and working with the key polar-interested scientists around the world to help them determine whether it is likely to melt in 100 years time, or in less than five.
The result is that today Pen is arguably the UK's Number One expert on the North Pole ice cap, 'The Canary of Climate Change', as well as having an exciting and inspirational story to tell, and accordingly, he is in hot demand on the public speaking circuit - exactly where he wants to be to communicate his awe-inspiring findings.

Pen's £2.5million 'Arctic Survey' expedition, when he will be crossing the ice cap making 20 million measurements with a specially developed radar, to help scientists from NASA, ESA and others to recalibrate their satellites and computer modelling, takes place next Spring 2009.

With the first ever as-live broadcasting facilities from the high Arctic in place, it promises to become the most high profile scientific endeavour of recent history, and Pen Hadow's name will be on everybody's lips.

Already over 750 million opportunities to watch, hear or read the news coverage of the survey’s launch have been generated, and the BBC, ITN, Sky, CBS and CNN all plan to file regular news reports, both in the run-up to departure and during the survey itself.

WWF International plans to present Pen's findings at UN’s Climate Change Conference of Parties in 2009, confident that Pen’s data-set will provide potentially some of the most influential findings to be presented to international policy-makers, as they decide global carbon emissions policy in 2009.

At HRH The Prince of Wales's May Day Business Summit on Climate Change, where Pen was a keynote speaker, well over three-quarters of the delegates pronounced his presentation 'excellent'.

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