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Quentin Willson’s War Hero on Channel 5

9th May 2012

Quentin Willson, motor racing TV expert and after dinner speaker, appears on Channel 5 in War hero in my Family, where he attempts to uncover what exactly his father, Bernard Willson, did during the Second World War.

Willson knows he was at Bletchley Park, but because his father strictly adhered to the Official Secrets Act, he took his experiences there to the grave.

He always remained intrigued by his father’s war-time activities, and his participation in War Hero In My Family provided an incredible opportunity to discover his father’s story.

His quest takes him from Cambridge University, where he learns his father was a talented linguist, to Bletchley Park - the heart of British code-breaking during the Second World War. Here Willson discovers the key role his father played in breaking a vital enemy cipher, an achievement that directly impact the course of the war and the ultimate Allied victory.

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