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Ray Hammond has been elected a Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation (WIF)

12th February 2007

Speakers Corner are delighted to announce that Ray Hammond has been elected a Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation (W.I.F.).

The Foundation was formed in 1992 by a group of Nobel science laureates to provide advice and consultancy to national governments on future scientific and technology strategy. It's ultimate goal is to promote innovation and creativity and to foster global co-operation between nations.

Today the Foundation is a Swiss-registered charity and has over 3,000 distinguished Fellows and members in many countries around the world.

Several of the founders of the W.I.F. also founded the World Economic Forum (W.E.F.) which hosts its Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland each January. In future years the World Innovation Foundation intends to co-ordinate W.I.F. events with the Davos meeting.

Notable W.I.F. Fellows include Dr Buzz Aldrin, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Professor Freeman Dyson and 91 Nobel Laureates distinguished by their outstanding work in the sciences.

British supporters of the World Innovation Foundation include the Duke of Westminster, the Duke of Norfolk, Professor The Lord Butterfield, The Viscount Davenport, The Lord Hailsham, Professor The Lord Soulsby, The Lord Weatherill, The Marquis of Bath, The Lord Walton and Professor The Lord Young. A full list of W.I.F supporters and council members is here.

The president of the W.I.F is Dr Jerome Karl who won the 1985 Nobel prize for physics after working on the Manhattan Project during World War II. He is the U.S. Navy’s Chief Scientist.


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