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René Carayol hosts BBC2 programme

29th January 2006

Pay Off Your Mortgage in 2 Years follows eight brave groups of people trying to, well, pay off their mortgage in two years.

Presented by MBE-winning financial expert René Carayol, eight households try and radically change their lifestyles so they can forget about their mortgages as a financial burden in two years' time.

René offers a number of insightful financial strategies for the households to consider and embrace, if they are going to succeed in cutting down their costs of living enough to clear their mortgages.

He also offers tips and advice on how to maximise their income. In one episode he meets a Coventry family, the Casey-Pooles, trying to clear their £85,000 mortgage.

If left at their current rate, it would take them 22 years to pay off their mortgage, so the changes to their life will have to be substantial.

But through strict budgeting and boosting their income with part-time money-spinning schemes, the Casey-Pooles manage to save £14,000.

The show is packed with advice and inspiration for viewers who would like to lose the albatross of their mortgage ahead of time.

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