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Round the world yachtswoman, Ellen MacArthur is to quit sailing to spread the environmental sustainable message

5th October 2009

Dame Ellen MacArthur, one of the most popular sporting personalities in the country, made a surprising announcement on Desert Island Discs. The guest of the show, hosted by television news presenter Kirsty Young, says that she is giving up sailing in order to work on highlighting the plight of the environment.

Ellen told Kirsty that while she was chilling out in Georgia after her round the world race, her attitude to life changed. “Down there for the first time I actually stopped,” she says. “I realised that on land we don’t see things as precious any more. We take what we want. And it started to make me think. I was looking at plans for the future and it hit home to me.

“This world, that I thought as a child was the biggest, most adventurous place you could imagine, is not that big. And there’s an awful lot of us on it. And we’re not managing the resources that we have as you would on a boat because we don’t have the impression that these resources are limited."

Ellen, who has been very popular as a motivational keynote speaker will now be very much in demand spreading the word at environmental and sustainability conferences around the world.

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