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Royal Baby Influences Consumer Goods

2nd August 2013

CEO of Mothercare and business speaker, Simon Calver, has recently spoken about the influence that the Royal baby has had on consumer goods.

Simon stated that the Royal baby would have the same positive effect on the nation that the Royal Wedding and the Queen’s Jubilee had. So far Mothercare’s Early Learning Centre has produced 50,000 new Royal Baby themed ‘Happy Land’ sets, which have plastic models of William, Kate and the baby in the pram.  Mothercare are also selling baby grows with ‘Born to Rule’ and ‘Little Prince’ written on them.

Speaking about the Royal baby products, Simon said "I'm not expecting a big fillup in sales but it's a great feel good factor and clearly we have got some fantastic product out there." Other companies are also taking part in the celebrations include Twinings, who have released a limited edition of loose teas, decorated with a baby themed pattern. Online shopping channel QVC have also brought out a limited edition ring in order to celebrate the Royal birth.

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