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Saba Douglas Hamilton Talks Polar Bears

1st August 2012

Wildlife film-maker and eco-activist Saba Douglas-Hamilton Speaks to the Telegraph about The Secret Life of Elephants, and answers some probing personal questions.

“Telegraph: What, in human history, do you wish had never been invented?

“SDH: Electric leaf blowers. They epitomise the worst of can't-be-fagged laziness in Western culture, noise pollution and combustion stink. I also despise unnecessary product packaging, plastic bags, and people who don't think twice about using and discarding them.

“Telegraph: If you could have been born in a different century, which would it be?

"SDH: At the end of the last Ice Age, circa 10,000BC, as one of the first Paleo-Indians to colonise North America, to see Smilodon (sabre-toothed tigers) and woolly mammoths while still in their prime.

“Telegraph: What would be your fantasy other job?

"SDH: I already have my fantasy job as a wildlife film-maker, but in another life I would like to be an artist. My studio would look out across a wild, shuddering escarpment in Africa, and access would be by ladder that I could pull up behind me.

“Telegraph: If you had to represent your country in an international competition, what would it be for?

“SDH: Extreme rock climbing, because it is the ultimate physical challenge. If I had the right build (a bit more early hominid perhaps) and easier access, climbing would definitely become an obsession.

“Telegraph: Who, in the whole of history, would you most like to sit next to on a long haul flight?

“SDH: The Victorian explorer, Sir Richard Francis Burton. His voracious appetite for language and culture single him out as the world's first true anthropologist.

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