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Sir Ranulph Fiennes Plans Trek Across Antarctica

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the 68-year-old adventurer, is attempting a world record – an expedition on foot across Antarctica during the southern winter, on a route he previously wrote off as "impossible".

Sir Ranulph said: "You just must not think about getting old. If you still are lucky enough to be able to walk around not stooped, no crutch, no Zimmer frame then you might as well go for it."

The trip will see Sir Ranulph lead the first team ever on foot across the continent during the coldest time of year, when temperatures have been known to plummet to -90C.

The expedition will raise millions of pounds for the Seeing Is Believing charity, and will see Sir Ranulph and a skiing partner being followed by two bulldozers hauling industrial sledges packed with the crew's supplies, fuel and a science lab.

Speaking to the BBC, Sir Ranulph said: "We looked at this 25 years ago and realised it was impossible. We heard a rumour that Norwegian explorers were contemplating this. We realised we were going to have to have a go."

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