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Speakers Andrew Marr, Robert Skidelsky, Bob Ayling, Howard Davies, Mrs Moneypenny & others talk on economic & finance topics at Hay Literary Festival

9th May 2010

One the biggest and best book festivals is the annual Hay Literary Festival.  It is an unmissable event for authors, publishers and literary souls. 

Taking place between 27th May and 6th June, the festival covers many different genres including the arts, green issues, religion, politics etc.   On the topic of economics and finance, there are numerous outstanding speakers including:

  • Andrew Marr will deliver a talk entitled The Making of Modern Britain - banking, sex, sleeze and heroism from Queen Victoria to VE Day
  • Mrs Moneypenny, the FT cult columnist will give her take on the financial crisis
  • Howard Davies, Director of the LSE delivers the LSE Lecture Back from the Brink asking where next for the UK in the global economy
  • Robert Skidelsky suggests we look back to one of the greatest economists Keynes
  • Stephen Green, the chairman of the HSBC and the British Bankers Association talks to Evan Davis and offers reflections on money, morality and an uncertain world


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